Ecdysis: open-source implementation of a NAT64 gateway

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2014-04-22 Release: Changes
2010-11-17 Release: Changes


License is BSD-like for patches, GPLv3 for the standalone. It has been compiled and tested on Linux Fedora 10 to 20.

NAT64 - IP Translator

This is the release of the IP Translator which currently supports TCP, UDP and ICMP traffic.

Linux Live CD

This is a bootable Fedora CD that lets you run NAT64 and DNS64 without installing anything. Installation to disk is also possible. Contains the Linux kernel NAT64 module and Unbound with DNS64 patch.

Fedora RPMs

We have x86_64 RPMs for Fedora 20 for Unbound patched with our DNS64 code, as well as an RPM of our NAT64 kernel module. They are in a Yum repository. Just install the following RPM to gain access to it.

After you have installed this RPM, you can do the following:

  • Install Unbound + DNS64: yum install unbound
  • Install NAT64 kernel module: yum install ecdysis-nat64


Note: As of OpenBSD 5.1, Ecdysis is officially part of the core release! Just use the "af-to" keyword in /etc/pf.conf. The files below are still available for historical purposes.

This is a custom OpenBSD 4.6 release CD. It installs just like a normal OpenBSD CD. Our NAT64 patch has been applied to the kernel.

Note: the bind version distributed with the cd doesn't currently support DNS64