Ecdysis: open-source implementation of a NAT64 gateway

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2014-04-22 Release


  • Unbound

    • Updated to Unbound 1.4.22.
  • Bind

    • Since ISC developed their own DNS64 implementation, we did not update the Ecdysis implementation.
  • Stand-alone Perl implementation

    • Updated to the latest Net::DNS module.


  • Linux

    • Fixed PMTUD issue.
    • Fixed crash on very busy multi-CPU routers.
    • Updated to Linux 3.13.
  • OpenBSD

    • As of OpenBSD 5.1, Ecdysis is officially part of the core release! Just use the "af-to" keyword in /etc/pf.conf.

Live CD and RPMs

  • Updated to Fedora 20.