Ecdysis: open-source implementation of a NAT64 gateway

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IETF79 Beijing NAT64 Network Experiment

This is a network experiment to see how NAT64 can be used, which applications work and not work, etc... There is no garantee of the service.

Service Information

To try the experiment, use the wireless SSID "ietf-nat64". This is an IPv6-only network. The nat64 router has an IPv6 enabled interface (2001:df8:0:7::1) on that wireless network and sends router advertisements for 2001:df8:0:7::/64. There is no IPv4 forwarding.

The other interface of the router is connected to the IETF backbone with an IPv4 address: and an IPv6 address 2001:df8:0:48::41/64. The nat64 router forwards IPv6 packets as usual. Since it implements DNS64 and NAT64, it also translates packets when destination is IPv4. Your traffic to IPv4 destinations will use 64:ff9b::/96 on the IPv6 side and after translation, will use as source address.


To use this service, your computer MUST BE CONFIGURED TO RESOLVE DNS names to the DNS64 DNS server. If your OS (such as MacOSX) does not support DHCPv6 stateless or RDNSS for DNS server IPv6 addresses, configure "2001:df8:0:7::1" as your DNS server. Moreover, you might want to disable IPv4.

DNS IPv6 address: 2001:df8:0:7::1

Default IPv6 gateway: 2001:df8:0:7::1
Network: 2001:df8:0:7::/64
Translating IPv6 prefix: 64:ff9b::/96
Translated IPv4 address:

Live statistics are available.

Important Notes

Flush your DNS resolver cache. On MacOSX: dscacheutil -flushcache.

Please note that the nat64 router is a linux laptop running on a "slow" PPC processor with a single physical interface. Therefore, performance is not garanteed...

The implementation is available as open-source.

If you find any issue, please send email to