Ecdysis: open-source implementation of a NAT64 gateway

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Ecdysis is aimed to develop an open-source implementation of a NAT64 gateway to run on open-source operating systems such as Linux and BSD. The gateway is comprised of two distinct modules: the DNS ALG and the IP translator. The DNS ALG is implemented in two DNS open-source server: Unbound and Bind. The IP translator is implemented in Linux as kernel module using Netfilter facilities and in openBSD as a modification of PF.

This project is funded by the NLnet Foundation and Viagénie.

The project name, Ecdysis, (pronunciation) refers to the molting of the cuticula in arthropods, as an analogy of IPv4 molting into IPv6. After molting, the arthropod is fresh and ready to grow! Arthropods is also the expertise of the 5 years old son of one of the project leads...


Ecdysis conforms to the following specifications: